The dangerous effects and hazards of mobile phone batteries

While using your mobile phone may be a daily activity that is not given a second thought – how many of us have stopped to consider the hazards associated with the internal makeup of the phone itself – specifically the phone’s battery?

Many of us have heard of controversial power walls using lithium ion batteries spontaneously exploding – exposing households to risk of physical harm, however how many of us have stopped and thought about the lithium ion battery that is neatly contained within our cellular devices? While the batteries within our phones are typically small and compact in size – they still hold the potential to unleash a large amount of harmful energy. Lithium ion is useful due to its ability to store large amounts of energy and slowly release that energy for use – however lithium ion’s strength is also it’s weakness – that is, when lithium ion does not release its energy slowly – its risk of exploding or igniting increases – transforming your phone rather, into a missile or small fire. It is also important to note that the fumes released from a burning lithium battery may cause lung irritation if exposed.

Causes of battery malfunction may include:
1. Overheating;
2. Short circuiting the battery – i.e. by submerging the battery in water or dropping the battery;
3. Piercing the battery;
4. Poor battery quality – i.e. not using the OEM battery designated for the phone and rather a cheap imitation.

So, in order to mitigate the risk of your phone becoming a missile or fire before you phone a friend – be sure to replace or get your battery checked out if your phone is dropped or comes into contact with water. Ensure that your phone is not exposed to extreme heats and that the correct OEM battery is purchased when replacing an old battery.

By Celeste Dennis

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  1. Scary! I often feel my phone heating up, thinking that the battery could explode has me looking to temperature monitoring apps i can download so to aid in safe usage.

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