Methylated Spirit – a Lethal Buzz

Alcohol is expensive is Australia. Having a quick look at the Dan Murphy’s webpage, a 700ml bottle of vodka will set you back almost $40(Dan Murphy’s, 2017). It starts to get pretty expensive when considering you only work part time after school at McDonald’s, earning $17.29 an hour (Indeed, 2017) and needing to get your buzz on every Friday and Saturday night. There has to be a more cost effective option, right?
How about Methylated Spirit or “Metho”? A bottle of Smirnoff Red Vodka contains 37.5% alcohol, costing almost $40 (Dan Murphy’s, 2017) versus a bottle of Diggers Methylated Spirit containing 95% ethanol and costing approximately $3.50 a bottle (Bunnings, 2017). Maybe add a little Coca-cola to kill the taste, right?
Think again. According to the Material Safety Data Sheet Methylated Spirit (2016) “ingestion can lead to headache, dizziness, dullness, gastric disorder, nausea and central nervous system depression. Large doses may cause severe intoxication, tremors, convulsions, drowsiness, blurred vision, coma, respiratory arrest, unconsciousness and death”. Drinking Methylated Spirits doesn’t sound like such a smart idea.
Methylated Spirits is a common commercial grade solvent. It has varied usages including as a general cleaning substance in tile and glass industries on finished products and in the printing and painting industries to clean equipment and remove paint (Sydney Solvents, 2017).
It doesn’t sound like something you’d like to ingest, does it?
But in saying this, what if your mate hadn’t read the above and had ingested Methylated Spirit?ķ According to the Material Safety Data Sheet Methylated Spirit (2016), you should contact a doctor or poisons information centre immediately and if the person is conscience, have them drink plenty of water and do no induce vomiting.

Written by Damon Portelli


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