Acutely toxic if swallowed! Shown to cause allergic skin reactions! Hazard! Reproductive Toxicant! Acute Aquatic Hazard!

What is this product that is used by equestrian centre staff and horse owners?
Worming Paste!

That’s right. Worming pastes contain different chemicals that are harmful in a variety of doses. Controlling parasites with these products is essential for your horses stay happy and healthy. To ensure safe usage you need to keep you and your staff informed of and manage the risks.

So How Do I Do That?
• Firstly, familiarise all staff with the “Handling Chemicals in the Workplace Guide” published by WorkSafe Victoria. This can be found at:

• Only use products in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

• Create a record of all worming pastes in stock and store safely and securely.

• Read the Safety Data Sheet (SDS). Every worming paste will have a Safety Data Sheet which contains important information regarding the product you are using. These can be found at on the manufacturer’s web site.

• Ensure you have the latest version of the SDS on site. SDS are required to be updated every five years – check the date on the SDS to ensure it is current.

• Ensure everyone who handles the product is aware of where the Safety Data Sheet is located. Make sure you have a copy stored with the product as a well as electronic versions on file and in your first aid kit.

• Make sure that everyone understands the SDS – this may mean sitting down with staff and having a chat to confirm their understanding.

• Ensure that only authorised and trained staff use these products.

• Document the staff who administer the product and ensure that their training and knowledge is up to date. They need to know how to handle and administer the product according to the SDS and manufacturer’s instructions.
• Dispose of the used packaging according to the SDS and manufacturer’s instructions.

Happy (and Safe) Worming!

Posted by Edwina Boase-Stratford


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