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BLOG: Don’t’ be fooled by the clever packaging

Well after some research I am a little worried that I will not get mother of the year award. The first sign of a fly or insect in our home makes me jump into action to defend my home from these small defenseless insects. My weapon of choice is the nice green shiny insect spray which when released over and around the room in abundance protects my family. Well so I thought. Have I been complacent in my thinking that surely if it is sold to me it won’t harm me or my family?

Looking on the surface (no pun intended)

The insect spray that we are currently using is an Aldi product called Atlas flying Insect Spray Fast Knockdown Hypoallergenic Fragrance. On the surface the spray looks harmless. The nice green packaging, using words such as ‘enviroshield’ and ‘natural eucalyptus extracts’ surely means that this product is harmless to the environment or my family. It practically conjures up emotions of protection and I would be remiss if I didn’t use this in our home.

Let’s take a closer look.

Reading this product Safety Data Sheet (SDS), located from the Aldi website I looked more closely and the back of the spray can alerts to the possible dangers present. The warnings on the back of the product, the safety phrases and personal protective equipment recommended in the SDS alerts consumers to the possible health risks when the chemical is inhaled or touched. You just have to have the time and be willing to search a little deeper.

What can I do?

I will be thinking twice when I go to reach for the insect spray and asking ‘is there something else I can do rather than using this spray?’ Always read the back of the product and if possible upload the Safety Data Sheet from the internet to find out a little more.

If you do decide to use this insect spray or similar refer to the following table to help reduce the health risk you and your family are exposed to.

The following tips will you reduce exposure to the harmful chemicals in insect spray:
1.       Treat and use this product with care.

2.       Ensure you are the only person in the room.

3.       Ensure no one enters the room whilst or immediately after you have sprayed.

4.       Turn of all fans or air conditioners.

5.       Do not spray over surfaces that have food or will have food touching it.

6.       Use a face mask, protective glasses and gloves to prevent the user from breathing in or touching poison.

7.       Use a minimal amount


Material Safety Data Sheet Atlas Flying Insect Spray. (2016, July 15). Retrieved from Aldi:

Chemical sprays in the home - social media as a tool to inform

Chemical sprays in the home – social media as a tool to inform

Wendy Demarte