Presentations from researchers from The Netherlands- Fenna Leijten

School seminar series Wednesday 24th of September 1.00-2.00 Room HS1/115

Two researchers from The Netherlands will present at the next School Seminar.

Fenna Leijten

The Study on Employment, Ability and Motivation, STREAM

In this longitudinal cohort study (2010-2014), working, self-employed, and non-employed persons aged 45-64 years in the Netherlands filled out an annual questionnaire. The goal of this study is to gain insight into how older workers can remain employed, healthy, and productively for longer. The design and possibilities of this study will be described, as well as some results.

Fenna has a background in Social Psychological and in Public Health. She is doing a PhD at the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on the influence of health problems on work ability and productivity in older employees, and the role that work and personal factors play in this relation. In her research she conducts both quantitative studies using large national datasets and qualitative studies. Furthermore, she is a research scientist at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO, where she works on diverse projects focusing on integrated and innovative health care.