New research published in ‘Applied Ergonomics’

Jodi and colleagues have recently published an article in Applied Ergonomics on their work on prevention of musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) in the health care sector. The article examines predictors of WMSDs in health care sector employees and found that both psychosocial and physical hazards were related to increased WMSD risk. On the basis of this they propose that risk management strategies need to take into account all hazards to be maximally effective. The article can be found in Applied Ergonomics, see details below. 

Developing a comprehensive approach to risk management of musculoskeletal disorders in non-nursing health care sector employee

Applied ErgonomicsVolume 45, Issue 6November 2014Pages 1634-1640

Jodi Oakman, Wendy Macdonald, Yvonne Wells


This study of selected jobs in the health care sector explored a range of physical and psychosocial factors to identify those that most strongly predicted work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD) risk. A self-report survey was used to collect data on physical and psychosocial risk factors from employees in three health care organisations in Victoria, Australia. Multivariate analyses demonstrated the importance of both psychosocial and physical hazards in predicting WMSD risk and provides evidence for risk management of WMSDs to incorporate a more comprehensive and integrated approach. Use of a risk management toolkit is recommended to address WMSD risk in the workplace.

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