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Health, work and play students

Students taking a first year elective (HBS1HWP Health, Work and Play) learn how wellbeing, health and safety are affected by our work and other activities. The aim of this subject is to enable students to understand the importance for health and safety of planning and designing work, activities and other things to suit human needs, capacities and limitations. Using a systematic approach to problem solving based on Ergonomics, Safety and Health (ESH) principles of professional practice, students investigate a variety of examples drawn from road safety, occupational health and safety, and the wider community.

To gain experience of using anthropometric data students are required to consider what sort of anthropometric data is needed when redesigning a room for a particular group of users. In the scenario, students are asked to redesign either the family bathroom, bedroom or spare room/study as their grandmother needs to move in with them. Students use the data gathered to develop a scale drawing and then build a scale 3D mock up of the redesigned room. As the subject is fully online, students complete this work at home and then film the interaction between the users and the room.

This assignment has challenged students to source and use data that was new to them and to be creative in thinking about how space is used. When building the 3D mock ups students had to be innovative to produce a mock up that  showcased their work.


Please view the links below to see student submissions for this assignment (student permission granted).